Jesus Is the Light

Week 1 Proverbs 3:5Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Read Matthew 2: 13-23When the angel told Joseph to get up and leave, Joseph had a choice. He could respond with obedience and trust, or he could ignore what the angel told him to do. It was […]

Voices at the Cross | The Centurian

Day 7 – The Soldier The Voice of the Soldier The Roman imperial beast towered over parts of three continents. Rome crushed and tore her insubordinates with a legion composed of 60 platoons grouped into cohorts. The local faces of the Roman beast’s claws were often centurions. This “lifer” soldier saw the conditions on the […]

Voices at the Cross | Thieves

Day 6 – The Thieves The Voice of the Thieves The Romans raised three crosses that Friday– Jesus between thieves. Had those two encountered Jesus previously? They at least heard the stories and knew his reputation.  One mocked Jesus. Aiming to appeal to any pride he thought Jesus may have, he scoffed; “So you’re the […]

Voices at the Cross | John

Day 5 – John The Voice of John Standing at the foot of the cross, among the names we know, was only one of the Twelve:  John. The disciples bet their lives on Jesus. Then, it unraveled. One of them betrayed Jesus. Another denied he even knew him. They all fled.  At the cross, grief […]

Voices at the Cross | Mary

Day 4 – Mary The Voice of Mary The first Mary in the Gospels received the promise that she would be the mother of the Messiah. In spite of the scorn and rejection she likely received as an unwed teenager in Jewish society, she stayed true to her belief that Jesus would save God’s people. […]

Voices at the Cross | Mary Magdalene

Dat 3 – Mary Magdalene The Voice of Mary Magdalene “Mary was standing outside the tomb crying…” (John 20:11a). A few years previous, she wouldn’t have cared.  Mary Magdalene had been a woman without any hope.  She was possessed by seven demons that tormented her day and night. Some people found it easier to avoid […]

Voices at the Cross | Peter


Peter was an ordinary man when he decided to follow Jesus. He had run a small fishing business off the lake with his brother. His family and his in-laws all lived in Capernaum. Life was simple but Peter sensed there had to be more…

Voices at the Cross – Pilate

Day 1 – Pilate The Voice of Pilate Pontious Pilate became Prefect of the Judaean province a few years before Jesus was baptized. His relationship with the Jews and Samaritans during his time as Prefect was filled with contempt and disdain as he held their religious controversies as trivial and inconsequential. In return, the province […]