Life Groups


Life Groups are at the heart of our church and the best way to get involved at Alsbury. Life Groups are the place to experience authentic family as people study the Bible together and apply the principles learned to everyday life. Life Groups allow intentional investment in each other’s lives and opportunities to compassionately reach out to others.

We have groups meet Sunday mornings at the Alsbury Campus as well as groups which meet in homes during the week. 

Although every group has its own unique flavor, you can expect the group to have a time of fellowship, Bible study, and discussion of how God’s truth relates to our lives. We are designed for relationships, and there is no better place to become a part of the Alsbury family than in a Life Group.


Activity Groups help people to connect with one another while sharing time doing things together. Alsbury provides an array of Activity Groups to help you get connected. There are groups that fish, play golf, cycle as well as create art and work out. It is a great way to grow spiritually and physically, while building community with others.

Join an Activity Group and begin making new friends. If a group doesn’t already exist we will help you start one!


How can you join a life group or an activity group?
  • Find the group you want to join downloading Church Center App on your device.
  • Or GO TO the Church Center Group Page
  • Click on the group you are interested in and “ASK TO JOIN” or contact the leader if you have any questions.
  • It’s that simple.
Will a life group or activity group truly enrich your life?
  • YES! We were created for relationships; life groups and activity groups are perfect for CONNECTING, BECOMING, and ENGAGING!!