Day 4 - Mary

The Voice of Mary

The first Mary in the Gospels received the promise that she would be the mother of the Messiah. In spite of the scorn and rejection she likely received as an unwed teenager in Jewish society, she stayed true to her belief that Jesus would save God’s people. She and Joseph named the baby Jesus as the angels had instructed. Newlyweds became new parents, raising the hope of Israel. Good news of great joy! Then came an ominous hint. When she entered the temple for Jesus’s dedication, Simeon prophesied that Jesus was appointed for the fall and rise of many in Israel and as the light to the Gentiles. Ok. But also this: a sword would pierce even Mary’s own soul. She had to pause in wonder and fear.

Through the highs and lows of parenting, she might not have understood all that Jesus’s status as Messiah meant, but she knew he truly was. The angel had said so. Time confirmed it as Mary witnessed his supernatural public life. Jesus didn’t conform to conventional expectations, but he was a good son. After her husband died, Jesus and his younger brothers were supposed to provide for her. But then, the prophecy of the sword came true. 

Imagine standing at the foot of the cross. Hear the taunts against this perfect man. See him struggle to breathe, yet blessing and forgiving others. Mary watched her son die as a victim, but in his own misery he loved her.

What thoughts would have run through her mind? 

  • God, how can you let your Son die? He is my son, too!
  • Can I hold him once more?
  • How can he fulfill his potential in your plan?
  • You said that I was chosen—was I just chosen to suffer this way?
  • Oh! How the sword is shattering my heart! 
  • My Son, Jesus, what do I do now without you as my child—as my Redeemer?

When the promises bleed and die, how do you grieve? 

Read & Meditate on this Passage
Psalm 34 (emphasis on 1-3 & 17-18)
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