a safe, supportive environment for men and women to experience the Lord’s heart to restore and revive every individual


True Faith Community’s mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment for men and women who are in need of healing while utilizing Biblical principles and discipleship. We believe it is the Lord’s heart to restore and revive.  TFC provides a place of comfort, care, and compassion as we celebrate our faith and share life together.


The Power of Five is our holistic model for community living.  Centered on Jesus, we walk through each aspect with our residents as they grow, heal, and transform.   Through daily structure, accountability, and community, our residents have the safety to let the Lord heal them and to become a new creation.

  1. Spiritual Development
  2. Financial Stability
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Training and Employment
  5. Personal Development


The first 4 tiny homes are currently being built on Southside City Church property.  And a building which will house 10 men is currently being built on the Belmont Church property.  By owning our own homes, True Faith Community can become financially self sufficient and can continue sustainability by starting small businesses to build others up and provide.

For nine years, Southside City Church has rented houses to True Faith Community members.  Our new tiny home village will be a community where current TFC members can help others be lifted up as they are lifted while they grow in Christ.



We invite you to come alongside True Faith Community to get to know the hearts of those who are working their way back into society as they learn to be good neighbors and grow in Christ.


By building relationships with the residents, you can provide support through discipleship, case management, and mentoring.


We need your help! The tiny homes and 10 unit home are funded but are unfinished. Volunteers are needed for carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, building maintenance and electrical to complete these dream villages. 


Many of our residents are homeless when they enter our community.  We are always accepting personal toiletry items.  We may also be in need of household items.  If you have questions about a specific need, or would like more information, please contact us.


As you can imagine, the financial need of our ministry is great.  We are currently renting homes but, due to land being purchased and donated to our ministry, we are currently raising funds for building homes as well.  You can donate financially through the donate tab at the top of the page.