Dat 3 - Mary Magdalene

The Voice of Mary Magdalene

“Mary was standing outside the tomb crying…” (John 20:11a). A few years previous, she wouldn’t have cared. 

Mary Magdalene had been a woman without any hope.  She was possessed by seven demons that tormented her day and night. Some people found it easier to avoid her than to relate to her. Some people saw her as something to be used—maybe not fully human. 

Many attempts were made to bring relief, but it wasn’t until she met a man from Galilee that her demons were removed.  Who was this man?  Her devotion to him at first was likely due to what he had done for her. Jesus saw her—not the burden she would be, not the broken paths she frequented, not even her utility. Jesus saw her, loved her, and freed her! Mary Magdalene found life through Jesus.

Later, Mary’s devotion rested on who Jesus was; the long-awaited Messiah.  She, along with others, followed Jesus for most of his ministry.  She, like the others, longed for his reign to begin and the occupying Romans to be conquered. Instead, she saw Jesus performing miracles and forgiving people’s sin. She witnessed him liberating many more like herself. He would pray and God responded. He was establishing God’s kingdom here on earth.

Mary Magdalene was all in with Jesus the Messiah, Israel’s rightful King. Imagine her overwhelming disappointment when her rescuer, Jesus, was strung up on a cross before her eyes. Feel her pain as she watched his life slip away. She wholeheartedly believed he was God’s promised Son and now he is gone. Mary’s heart was once fully alive, but now mortally wounded with Roman nails. 

How do you handle disappointment?
Where do you turn when expectations go unmet?
Devo Day 3
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