About Us

Alsbury prioritizes spreading Jesus’ love and bringing our neighbors closer to God. We strive to do this by living out our core values – the ABC’S of Alsbury. They form the foundation of our church community and is at the heart of everything we do.

Through this purpose, we hope to create a community of faithful believers who share the love of Christ with others.

At the Core

Our mission drives everything we do as a church family.
Love Jesus
Love each other 
Draw our neighbors into His family
This mission is fueled by our core values, the ABC’S of Alsbury.

Our Staff

What We Believe

  • God reveals his purpose for our lives, individually and collectively, through the Bible.
  • Jesus loves all people and we must also love one another.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers us to grow together as followers of Jesus and make Jesus known to the nations.
  • We should extend grace to others just as God has shown grace to us.
  • The gospel shapes every aspect of life.

Beliefs (expanded)​

For an expanded view of our beliefs.

Addressing Racism

Alsbury's statement on racism and race equality