About Us

Alsbury prioritizes spreading Jesus’ love and bringing our neighbors closer to God. We strive to do this by living out our core values – the ABC’S of Alsbury. They form the foundation of our church community and is at the heart of everything we do.

Through this purpose, we hope to create a community of faithful believers who share the love of Christ with others.

At the Core

Our mission drives everything we do as a church family.
Love Jesus
Love each other 
Draw our neighbors into His family
This mission is fueled by our core values, the ABC’S of Alsbury.

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What We Believe

  • God reveals his purpose for our lives, individually and collectively, through the Bible.
  • Jesus loves all people and we must also love one another.
  • The Holy Spirit empowers us to grow together as followers of Jesus and make Jesus known to the nations.
  • We should extend grace to others just as God has shown grace to us.
  • The gospel shapes every aspect of life.

Beliefs (expanded)​

For an expanded view of our beliefs.

Addressing Racism

Alsbury's statement on racism and race equality
Every person within a church family should be involved in the work they have decided to tackle. 
  • There will be different roles
  • Everyone has a part to play
  • No role is too small or insignificant
  • Nobody is above any task
  • No work is beneath anyone
Within each team, God gave us leaders for the purpose of equipping all of us for works of service. Everyone should serve in the ongoing work of the church. The most inspiring leader is the one who serves wholeheartedly as a productive member of the team.