We are presently engaged in two significant transitions within our church family. 

1. we are transitioning our primary church leadership. 

John Mark Tittsworth has been called to serve as our next Lead Pastor, a role I have filled throughout our church history. The transition to John Mark officially began Sunday. He is actively engaged with our church staff, our committees, and all ministry teams. Over the coming months he will bring the Sunday morning message with increased frequency.

We developed a two-year transition plan because the next Lead Pastor could have be someone with no connection to Alsbury. However, John Mark has been engaged in every aspect of our church life for over a decade. Very little is needed to bring him “up to speed” in terms of who we are and how we conduct ourselves in ministry.

We covet your prayers as we determine God’s plan and timing for this vital leadership transition. 

2. we are transitioning our restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Governor Abbott lifted occupancy limitations and mask mandates that we have honored over the last year. While many feel the Governor’s decision was premature, many others are ready to eliminate every restriction. 

Our church staff is closely monitoring the guidance of healthcare professionals and the Center for Disease Control. When professionals are confident the risk of infection is low we will take the next step in ending all restrictions.

At this time, we have targeted Easter Sunday, April 4th, as a reasonable time for lifting restrictions currently in place. Our hope is Spring Break will have passed and people will have had the opportunity to be vaccinated. April 4 seems like a good target date. 

Until then we recommend the continued use of masks, social distancing, and hand washing.  Though not required to engage in our in-person gatherings, each is strongly recommended.

Some of our people will wear masks while in our facilities. Respect their decision. This is fairly basic to “loving your neighbors.” Others will choose to not wear a mask. Respect their decision. This is fairly basic to “honoring your neighbor.” Everyone should wash their hands. I mean, seriously, do we really need encouragement for something so basic?

  • Thank your for your patience and kindness toward others.
  • Thank you for praying for our church leadership making difficult decisions.
  • Thank you for loving Jesus by loving one another. 
Pivotal Day