Recreation Becomes Outreach

Recreation Becomes Outreach

The Collaboration 2019 has come to an end.

Our European guests have returned to their homes in Germany and Serbia. An incredibly busy two weeks of collaborative ministry involving people from seven different countries is behind us.

The goals and objectives for this year’s Collaboration were changed from those of previous years. Rather than random acts of service throughout the community we focused on taking various areas of our Alsbury ministry to a higher level. Each will continue in the months ahead. 

Outreach was the goal

We made outreach into our own community our priority. Our gym was filled daily with children, only 25% of which were from the Alsbury family. Our evening outreach events focused primarily on adults. We used sports, recreation, and games to build connection with our community and open the door for presentation of the gospel. 

Our gym should not serve simply as a place for people to gather in worship. We will continue to make sports and recreation a primary means by which we connect with people throughout our community. 

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who worked in dozens of different capacities, making this year’s Collaboration the most successful to date. Your sacrificial service made it possible to share the gospel with hundreds of people in our community. Because of your willingness to serve at least seven people made first-time commitments to Christ. 

Again, thank you for serving. Thank you for loving others. Thank you for your desire to “make Jesus famous.”