Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

“Tell Your Story” begins next Sunday, February 14

We know we are commanded by Jesus to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). However, few ever engage in actively sharing their faith. We aim to change that! 

Through daily devotionals, Sunday messages, and Life Group discussion, “Tell Your Story” will challenge us all to take the message of Jesus to the world, beginning in our own homes or across the street. 

Thus far in 2021 we have looked into four of the five primary tasks of the church; worship, fellowship, discipleship, and service. This Sunday, February 7, we will consider the fifth; missions. Specifically, we will look at the greatest detriment to effective witnessing. 

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of witnessing will be addressed each week between Valentine’s Day and Easter Sunday. 

  • Pick up a “Tell Your Story” devotional guide this Sunday.
  • Grab copies for yourself and others in your family. 
  • Commit to participate each week through Sunday morning worship services, Life Group lessons, and daily devotionals. 

Join me in praying over this church-wide emphasis.

Ask the Lord to work in all of us! Pray that He will inspire us all to participate. 

Can you imagine the blessing we will be within our community when we all actively engage in telling our personal stories of what Jesus has done in our lives?

Sharing the Gospel is a job we do together

Reaching the world requires an all-church, all-in commitment. Missions is something we mistakenly think happens only on trips by small groups in far-away countries. Missions actually begins at home and across the street. 

The earliest followers of Jesus changed the world in spite of government opposition, intense persecution, and limited technology. They had the power of their personal stories and the power of the Holy Spirit at work through them. They told their stories with anyone who would listen. The result is found in the Book of Acts. 

“Tell Your Story,” I pray, will result in conversations started, decisions made, and lives changed right here where we live, work, and play.