Taboo #6 – Racism Today

Taboo #6 – Racism Today

Our series, “Taboo! Uncomfortable Topics for the Church,” continues this Sunday, November 8, with a look at racism in America. 

Why racism and why now?

According to research conducted by the Barna Group, self-identifying followers of Christ are considerably less likely to engage in conversations about race and racism than we were just one year ago. While the number of Christians who recognize the racial inequality of our long-ago history as a nation has increased, we are reluctant to discuss the possibility of a lingering racial tension in our country today. 

Clearly, the subject of race and racism makes us uncomfortable. 

The last year has been filled with tension. We are all aware of the protests and subsequent violence which erupted across our nation after the deaths of multiple men and women of color. The result was not increased dialog a much more deeply divided nation. 

We will begin the conversation over race and racism with a guest speaker in our morning worship service. Like last Sunday with Meredith Stone, we will benefit from the perspective of someone who has greater firsthand experience with the subject than most of us.

Why don’t we talk about racism in the church?

Dr. Ben McPhaull will attempt to answer the question, “Why don’t we talk about racism in the church?” Ben was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist church and was an Adventist pastor himself. Over time he came to the conviction the teachings of Adventism are inconsistent with the truth of Scripture. He and his family moved to our area where today he ministers to Seventh Day Adventist pastors who have similar questions. 

I have known Ben McPhaull for several years. He is a devoted follower of Jesus who will help us understand why it is important for Christians to engage in honest and open dialog over matters of race and racism.

Table Conversations

Your affirmation of Meredith Stone and her message about the role of women in the church was strong. Our conversation over the subject will continue this evening at 6:30 in our Conversation Cafe, upstairs in the gym. I am confident Ben McPhaull’s message will be equally stirring. I hope you will make every effort to join us for worship this Sunday, November 8, at 10:30.