Such a time as this

Such a time as this

Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.

D. L. Moody

Every documented time of revival, renewal, or spiritual awakening in church history shares one thing in common: each was preceded by a significant season of prayer.

Laying the Foundation

For the next nine weeks, August and September, we will work on deepening our commitment to prayer. We are laying the foundation of a “significant season of prayer” at Alsbury.

We long to see God work in a way that can only be explained as, “God showed up.” We would be naive to think that will happen without first engaging in focused prayer. Without a sincere commitment to prayer, none of us should ever expect to witness the power of God. 

Together, We will learn

People have shared they want to increase their personal engagement in prayer but simply don’t know where to start. They don’t know much about prayer and, therefore, don’t engage much in prayer. This emphasis is our attempt to address that need. Together we are learning how to pray and engage in prayer.

With Luke 11:1-13 as our guide, we join the earliest followers of Jesus in asking, “Lord, teach us to pray.” “Ask, Seek, Knock,” is an individual and corporate movement that ushers us into new patterns of prayer as we walk more closely with Jesus. 

How to Engage this Series

Over the next nine weeks, Scripture will shape our personal engagement in prayer. Together, through Sunday sermons, Life Group lessons and discussion, and daily devotionals we will travel this journey.

Please participate. One person uninvolved or disengaged results in a weaker-than-hoped result. This is an “all-hands-on-deck” moment in our ministry. Everyone, you and me included, should participate.

Devotional Book

Devotional booklets are available to pick up from a table under the covered driveway of our original building. Please secure a copy before this Sunday, August 2. Call, text, or email any staff member if you need a copy delivered. Faithfully engage in each day’s devotional. Discuss each together as a family. Share your thoughts or impressions on our Alsbury Facebook group. 

Sunday Celebration Service

Prayerfully listen to each sermon in our Celebration Service on Sundays. Services are now available on-demand through Facebook and YouTube so you can view even if you were tied up on a Sunday morning. Expect God to speak through the messages and respond to God as he does. 


Engage with others in your Life Group. If you are not involved in one, consider joining the new Life Group established specifically for this emphasis. Tim Newton can help you connect. 

Children and Youth

Our children and youth will also participate. Gene Longley and Tim Newton are carefully preparing lessons for their respective age groups. Again, this is an “all-in” emphasis for our church family. 

Finally, begin now to ask God to work through “Ask, Seek, Knock.” Ask him to change your heart and practice. Ask him to change the hearts and practices of others. Ask him to do what only he can.