Reclaiming our voice

Reclaiming our voice

This Sunday, October 4, begins an eight-week teaching series on subjects not often addressed within a church service. The series is titled, “Taboo! Uncomfortable Topics in Church.”

Let me be clear; the goal is not to sensationalize our Sunday morning gatherings, but to consider the clear teaching of Scripture on subjects too often surrendered to the culture. 

I am aware that your older children and youth will be present. Rest assured, we will not address any subject in graphic fashion. We must understand, however, that our children are exposed to the subjects addressed and are already reaching personal conclusions about each.

There are certain subjects – far more than eight – that are often avoided or ignored in church. The culture at large does not ignore them. No, the culture is more than willing to present a perspective often directly opposite of what the Bible teaches. 

When we fail to address these “taboo” subjects we default to the culture’s voice, allowing the culture to define the parameters of life. 

Subject matter already in place includes:
  • Human Sexuality
  • Mental Illness
  • Patriotism and Nationalism
  • Persecution of Christians
  • The Role of Women in Church
  • Race Relations
  • Divorce

Each message will attempt to answer the question, “Why don’t we talk about this in church?” Conversations over uncomfortable or challenging subjects are healthy and needed. The Bible has much to say about each but interpretations and conclusions can vary. We should be able to have honest and candid conversations over each without the fear of alienating one another. 

Our opportunity to converse will continue on Wednesday evenings. All who are interested are encouraged to join the conversation either in-person or by Zoom in our “Conversation Cafe,” upstairs in our newer building. This will not be a time for me to teach more or to “double down” on Sunday’s message. Rather, this will be our opportunity to engage in continued conversation over important topics. 

Table Conversations ZOOM Meeting (beginning October 7)
Meeting ID: 836 0058 0395 // Passcode: Taboo
  1. Please pray for our church as we step forward in addressing uncomfortable topics.
  2. Please pray for me as I attempt to present a true and healthy understanding of what Scripture teaches. 

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we begin the series, “Taboo: Uncomfortable Topics in Church.”