Jesus said “Does anyone believe in me? Then, just as Scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from inside them.” When he said this, he meant the Holy Spirit.

John 7:38-39a

The Collaboration is a partnership with the folks from City Church Andernach in Germany to serve and minister in Burleson and the surrounding areas. We will engage our community with different outreach events for the purpose of establishing a compassionate reach and sharing the gospel with our neighbors.

As part of the Collaboration, Alsbury will welcome families from our community to Kidz-n-Play, a free Spring Break day camp, ending with Family Fun Night. The theme of this year’s Kidz-n-Play event is Make Waves. Join us in praying that the living water of the Holy Spirit will impact the lives of those coming through our doors the way ocean waves impact the shore.

  • WEEK 1
    we will help connect kids into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ to lead them to a better future. 

  • WEEK 2
    Pray for the kids AND our leaders to have FUN! Having fun over time with a group of kids will allow us to gain more influence in their lives.

  • WEEK 3
    Pray parents will allow us to partner with them in discipling their kids.

  • WEEK 4
    Pray Kidz-n-Play will be an on-ramp for our church to reach those who are far from God. 
    Pray we win the hearts of families to see their lives changed forever!