pray passionately / give generously / go fearlessly

pray passionately / give generously / go fearlessly

Fear Transforms to Power

When I was first invited to go to Haiti, I almost didn’t go.  I was scared to death because I didn’t know what I’d do or better yet, what I’d say. But my biggest fear was having to share the Gospel! Yes, the very purpose of the trip is what made me fear it the most.  I was just an ordinary Sunday church goer living an everyday life. But what I didn’t fully understand was that God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and through His Power, we will be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

We are all intended for the same purpose
to make Jesus famous!

Whether we fully understand this or not, we are all given the means to get involved and engage our world with His love. As Paul explains to us in 1 Corinthians 12:7, “Each person is given something to do that shows who God is: Everyone gets in on it, everyone benefits”. (MSG)

How can I get in on it?

  • PRAY – Prayer is the most powerful resource available and the only way to fully involve ourselves with God’s work. It is at his throne where we find power, provision, wisdom and courage. It is here that the enemy is powerless to stop us!
  • SEND – Faithful and generous giving sows seeds in many ways. Because every good and perfect gift comes from above, when we give back to God what belongs to Him, our opportunities for local and global mobilization multiplies. 
  • GO – The harvest is plentiful! Foreign missions are not meant for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go. A whole world awaits right outside your door that needs faithful, Christian workers, telling the Good News about Jesus. 

how can I benefit from it? 

By seeing God glorified!

Jean Pierre was a voodoo priest that my team ran into while we were out in the village. He was an arrogant man, with a well in his front yard. Fresh water is priceless for any Haitian, and as we walked up to his yard, he sat in a chair with his maiden beside him pouring this precious commodity, cup by cup, over his head to cool himself down. And that’s when it happened – the Spirit came upon me and soon I was standing up from the hot, rocky, dirt road, dusting off my skirt after stooping down to wash this man’s crusty dirty feet. I don’t remember exactly what I prayed while washing his feet, but I do remember the Power of the Spirit as my eyes locked with his. The astonishment on his face, and the faces of the villagers as we walked away is more than any words can describe. But two in a half months later, when I was notified of his death, the blessing of these few intimate moments with Jean Pierre, myself and Christ was overwhelming. He had been able to experience the love of Christ in the last days of his life through me! And even more of a blessing was the hope I had that maybe, just maybe, he was sitting at the right hand of God the Father because I took a chance at letting God overcome my fear of how to share the Gospel.

We shouldn’t really participate in missions based on what we get out of it, but when we decide to come to the end of ourselves and begin living on mission for Christ, our personal and corporate benefits increase by seeing the glory of God! 

I am so very thankful for the involvement of my community. There is no doubt that without the prayers and financial support of my family, my friends and my church, the trip may not have even happened and Jean Pierre would not have experienced the Power of the Gospel before he left this earth. We are blessed to be a blessing, and we are all in this together, so pray passionately, give generously, and go fearlessly. 

On Sunday, you will have the opportunity to Pray, Send and Go! Join us for this pivotal night at the Alsbury Global Summit and see what God will do through you!