My heart is filled with keen anticipation as we confidently, optimistically, and hopefully leap into 2021. As 2020, with all of its challenges, struggles, and disappointments draws to a close, the expression, “Out with the old; In with the new,” has never been more appropriate than now.  

Together we stand at the gateway of a new year with hopeful expectation of all God will accomplish through us. I am supremely confident that 2021 will be one of our very best years of effective, Kingdom-building ministry.  

A positive attitude is important, of course, but enthusiasm without action is little more than empty fluff. We must each personally engage in spiritual disciplines proven to be honored by God with solid results. 

This incredible year begins Friday, January 1, with our monthly day of church-wide fasting and prayer. Together we call upon the Lord to do within us and through us what only He can bring about. Preparation for the day starts now! Determine today what your personal fast will consist of. Some will miss one or two meals as they fervently pray. Others will fast the entire day. The decision is yours. Please, though, participate in this church-wide day of fasting and prayer. 

Sunday, January 3, will begin a teaching series on six essentials proven over time to bring about significant personal growth and effective ministry. Each area of spiritual engagement is time-tested and rooted in Scripture. These six weeks will change your life and our church. 

Without question, 2020 has changed our lives in more way than can be counted. However, the spiritual disciplines we will focus upon were not altered nor impacted by anything we have witnessed over these many months of quarantine, isolation, and concern.

We begin with the Lord’s Supper this Sunday, January 3. For those who plan to gather virtually, individual Lord’s Supper elements are available for pick-up outside our church offices every day between 10:00 and 7:00. These sealed elements will be used for in-person worship, too. We pledge to continue doing all we can to provide a safe environment for worship.

The following five Sundays, January 10 through February 7, will challenge us all to boldly commit to each of these five essential aspects of spiritual engagement. Each is indispensable for both our personal growth as well as our effective, collective ministry as the Body of Christ. 

Each individual within our Alsbury family is challenged to wholeheartedly commit to these essentials for spiritual development. With commitments firmly in place, we are poised for meaningful ministry that will change our individual lives as well as our shared ministry as a church family. 

You, like me, are ready for something dramatically different from what we experienced over 2020. I believe that the Lord will use this teaching series to bring about that difference.

I am absolutely convinced that one year from now we will look back upon twelve months full of tangible evidence of effective growth and spiritual development. So strong is my confidence that I have schedule a Celebration Service for Sunday, January 2, 2022. Testimonies of how God worked in 2021 will be shared and the glory will be directed to Him.

It’s going to be an amazing journey as we all participate fully.