My Prayer This Week

My Prayer This Week

Personal Worries

Monday during VBS our children wrote a short note about personal worries. Our leaders asked them to, “Cast all your anxiety on Jesus because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

  • Some of the children’s responses were reasonable. “Snakes,” for instance. Or, “Braces.” One wrote, “Bugs buzzing around.”
  • Others were amusing. “Zombies” was one child’s personal concern.
  • Some were shared concerns. More than one wrote, “Passing the STAAR test.” Several wrote, “Making friends.”
  • Others were disheartening. “My grandma’s addiction.” “Being poor and hungry.” One child accompanied the word, “Family,” with an illustration of a man shot by another.

Pray Without Ceasing

I couldn’t help but pray, asking the Lord to minister to each child in ways that we wouldn’t know to ask for and beyond what we might imagine.

I prayed for you, our workers. I know several of you served after working full days in demanding and stressful jobs. Rather than go home for your own time of rest you chose to minister to children. Those who served children living with special needs made it possible for parents to have two-and-a-half hours of respite. One mom cleaned the house. Another simply sat at home in welcomed silence.


Thanks to each of you who served this week in Vacation Bible Spectacular. You, my friends, are indeed a spectacular group of selfless people.