More Than a Sign

More Than a Sign

What’s in a Sign?

Our church sign has been dark for several months and can’t be repaired. We thoroughly investigated our options and all of them are expensive. The cost to replace is well over $20,000. 

A sign, of course, is not essential to our ministry. Churches ministered effectively for centuries before the technology was developed. I doubt very few people have met Christ personally because of the message displayed upon a church sign. We have one, though, and a non-functioning sign communicates a negative message to our community.

We have rarely engaged in traditional advertising or marketing. We are located on the second most traveled boulevard in the city and have used our sign to inform the community about events and opportunities.  

As we discovered Sunday in our Alsbury Global Summit, there is a great deal of life within this ministry called Alsbury Baptist Church. Our Vacation Bible Spectacular is approaching quickly, one of our biggest events of the year. 

As of the end of June we are $33,000 behind in support of our budget. Prudent fiscal management by our Budget and Finance Committee has kept us out of a crisis, but the decision to replace our signage was delayed for this reason. The decision was made, however, to replace the sign. It should be fully functional in the next few weeks. 

Whatever • Wherever • Whenever

On a very positive note, giving to eliminate our debt by 2023 has been strong. Elimination of debt will allow us to do whatever God directs, go wherever God sends, whenever God speaks. Many have regularly given to “Debt Free in ’23” above and beyond their budget support. 

  • Very soon the names of our newest members will again be proudly displayed on the sign.
  • Messages of congratulation to those who are baptized will also be displayed.
  • Each and every event will be promoted.
  • The community will know beyond any doubt that our church family is active and growing. 

If you are one of the many who regularly support our church budget, thank you for your confidence in our ministry and your obedience to the Lord’s directives. If you are not a regular contributor to the budget, please prayerfully give what you can. When all of us give on a regular basis we are able to fully fund the ministry of our church and engage our community with the message of Christ.