Deacons are scripturally qualified individuals who are chosen by the Alsbury membership from among its membership to serve specific needs within the church to support the Senior Pastor and pastoral staff so they can focus on prayer and the ministry of the Word.*

Core Ministry For deacons at Alsbury

Widows Ministry
The mission of our widows ministry is to provide care for widows in our fellowship by simply “being there” and lovingly helping with any physical, mental or spiritual needs that may arise.

Deacon Family Ministry 
The mission of the Deacon Family Ministry is to connect with families not currently engaged in an Alsbury Life Group for the purpose of ministering during crises, counseling, evangelism, and coordinating acts of benevolence when needed.
The intention is through this ministry the deacon will strengthen church fellowship and support the spiritual development of both individuals and families while encouraging life group participation.

*Acts 6:1-6
*Philippians 1:1
*1Timothy 3:8-13

Deacon Chairmain

David Baird

Andy Beasley

Jarrie Bond

Deacon Vice-Chairman

Juan Cadena

Lynn Chancey

Carter Hayes

John Irwin

Keely Langdon

Kyle Langdon

David Leeper

Cory Murray

M. N.

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