Free to Be Himself

Free to Be Himself

by Matt and Shari Gibson

What We’ve Been Searching For…

When our family first moved to Texas seven years ago we struggled to find a church home that was a good fit for our whole family. We bounced from church to church and were often told that our son with special needs was a distraction to others. This was heartbreaking. When a family friend recommended the VBS program at Alsbury Baptist we were reluctant to try it based on previous experiences at other programs. Our friend remained persistent in her recommendation and we finally enrolled our son Tyler. We honestly expected the worst…thankfully we experiened the best. Alsbury Baptist was what we had been searching for.

One of our favorite parts of Sunday morning is watching our two kiddos embraced by so many kind people. Tyler has built a very special relationship with Mr. Marty, who greets him with a hug and signs ‘friend’ every week. It is so wonderful watching Tyler sign back ‘friend’, immediately followed by ‘I love you’. It makes our heart smile knowing that our whole family is welcome and valued during church service, Sunday school, church events such as VBS or Easter Eggstravaganza, etc. There is always someone willing to lend a helping hand.

We Found Freedom and Peace

Tyler starts in the service with us because he loves the music portion and listening to the instruments. We no longer worry if he’s going to be noisy, or bothersome during the service. We have learned that he is free to be himself at Alsbury and he is celebrated for who he is. We continue to feel supported by the congregation and know they understand he is learning how to act in the real world. After the music we head upstairs to join the Kingdom Kids in their classroom, where he is again welcomed with love. We then get the opportunity to enjoy Pastor Scott’s message as a couple, knowing our children are being loved as they learn about Christ. The peace we experience at Alsbury Baptist is truly unlike any other time during our week. Simply said, WE LOVE THIS CHURCH and are so thankful for all the incredible people who make it the amazing place it is.