“Alsbury is a place where people Connect” 

If your Sunday mornings at Alsbury consist of one part worship, one part fellowship and one part coffee (like many of us), then you might find yourself at the Coffee Bar in the foyer of the gym. Right next to that essential spread of caffeine and creamer, printed in bold letters on the wall, are the words, “ALSBURY IS A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CONNECT.” But, have you thought about how that coffee finds its way to the counter top each week? Perhaps you have considered the bulletin, handshake and sweet smile at the entrance between services. Maybe you find the chance to fellowship when you enter the gym and congregate with other worshippers, also seeking to sing praises and lift prayers in unity. Here at Alsbury we want our Sunday morning gathering to connect people with God. We open the Bible together and hear teaching about God’s plan.  We also anticipate connecting with each other.

There are many teams of people each week that work to enhance that connection.  But, right here, I want to bring two of them to the spotlight: Alsbury’s First Impressions Team and Worship Ministry Team.

First Impressions

We strive to welcome every individual that finds themselves at Alsbury on a Sunday morning. There are many ways that you can serve!

Eyes and Ears
We begin our contact in the parking lot offering up a welcome greeting and chance to ride a golf cart up to the facilities, while keeping our grounds safe. (Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Eyes and Ears Team.)

We are ready with a bulletin and genuine hello for those that enter the building. Do you have a question?  We can point you toward our partners at the Welcome Center. (Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Greeter Team.)

Welcome Center
We tend know how to help people find their way to class or worship for the different hours, but even if we don’t have the answer to your question, it’s ok!  We can find someone who does. (Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Welcome Center Team.)

Coffee Bar
Putting in early hours to make sure all our coffee is brewed, some of us sing and dance the morning away preparing for each person to come grab a cup.  There’s not a person at Alsbury that does not understand the importance of brushing off the morning fog so we can dig deeper into our time together. (Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Coffee Bar Team.)

We help facilitate an opportunity for worship attenders to give in a sacrifice of tithes and offerings.  As well, we help our Pastors distribute Lord Supper elements when we observe Communion together. Many times that begins with being certain everyone has a seat.  We’re looking for a place for you. If you cannot locate a seat we can help. (Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Usher Team.)

Brownie Brigade
We may not get to serve on Sunday mornings, but who doesn’t love brownies?!  Our job is reach out to the new families in our community with a plate of brownies and conversation.  We love to know what we can do to help families feel at home at Alsbury. (Contact Susan Dodson to serve on the Brownie Brigade.)

Worship Ministry

Platform Team
We want people to connect with God.  Hear His word.  Respond in authentic devotion.  We just happen to do the bulk of our work through music. 

Technology Team
We partner with the platform crew each week to create an atmosphere that best facilitates a time to connect with God.  You might find us adjusting the audio needs of the service, projecting media for sermons, songs and videos, or lighting our space.
(Contact Brock DeWald to serve on the Worship Ministry Team.)

How can you help Alsbury connect with God and with each other each Sunday?

Our hope at Alsbury is for each person to find their place of meaningful service and ministry. To see more opportunities, click on the following link: volunteer.