Breaking taboos

Breaking taboos

ask. Seek. Knock.

Thank you for engaging in our “Ask; Seek; Knock” emphasis. The evidence of wide-spread participation is abundant. Many have commented about how the daily devotionals, life group sessions, and Sunday messages have already been used by God. We are moving in the right direction! We are becoming a praying church!

Fall series

In October and November, leading up to the Advent season, we will wrestle over various subjects rarely addressed in church. We are calling the series, “Taboo!”
Years ago my pastor, Claude Cone, spoke on the subject of sex in a Sunday morning sermon. I remember the surprise I felt. I also remember some of those in attendance squirming a bit in their chairs! It was the first time I could recall that a pastor addressing the subject. I also remember my appreciation for Claude’s courage to deal with what I knew was an important subject.

Our kids and grandkids are going to hear about sex from their friends. Wouldn’t we rather them hear God’s perspective on the subject?
  • We must not allow the culture to shape our understanding of difficult subjects.
  • We must not defer the challenging subjects to an unbelieving world.
  • We must not surrender our voice to those who have no understanding of God’s perspective!

Share your thoughts

Is there a particular subject you would like covered? Is there something that you believe to be a “taboo topic” within the parameters of the church? If so, I would like to know what it is.
Feel free to send a text to 817-917-7130 or an email to I’ll do my very best to include the subject in the series.
This takes me back to my days working in radio. Every now and again we “took requests” and an entire day’s programming was determined by listeners. I always liked those days because I understood our audience more clearly.

Let’s get real

No subject ought to be “taboo” within the church. We know God has insight into every aspect of our lives and we certainly want to view life as he does.
With a tentative voice I say, “I look forward to the challenge.”
I love being a part of Alsbury. I thank God for each of you. I look forward to seeing you soon!