Alsbury’s All New Connection Team

Alsbury’s All New Connection Team

The Upstairs Cafe Re-imagined 

Over the next few weeks there will be some changes taking place in the Upstairs Café. On the surface there will be new furniture and paint, but the changes aren’t just cosmetic. The space is changing to become a conversation place where relationships are cultivated and nurtured. By September, we hope to reveal the new Conversation Café.
Every 4th Sunday we will have a coffee and conversation time with visitors and new families. This is an opportunity for them to talk with staff, Life Group Leaders, Deacons, and the new Connection Team.

We Now Return You…

Last week, we introduced David and Jan, newcomers to Burleson.  They, along with their 2 preschool sons, Davey and Jon, were visiting Alsbury for the first time.

We discussed two scenarios:  Scenario 1 ended with an Alsbury Failure. Scenario 2 resulted in Alsbury Success.

Now, let’s consider an additional scenario. One where we explore an expanded role for Alsbury’s Connection Team – an all new Connection Team.

Scenario 3:

David and Jan arrive in an over-crowded parking lot, but they easily find a space in an area clearly reserved for Guests.  Then, they walk into the Alsbury campus where the friendly faces of Frank and Barbara, members of the Connection Team, welcome them.  Frank and Barbara introduce themselves and help David, Jan, and their boys get to the Preschool Area. On the way they see the smiling faces of Greeters Mary Jo and Diana.

Preschool registration is a breeze and teachers from the Pre-K and 3-year-old classes greet them warmly.  Now that the boys are taken care of, David and Jan, along with Frank and Barbara, make their way to the Worship Center.  When they arrive in the foyer Laura, a member of the Welcome Center Team, introduces herself and answers their questions about Activity Groups and Life Groups. Before everyone steps into the service they stop by the Coffee Bar and see Arlene and Norma.  Fresh cups of coffee in hand, Frank, Barbara, David, and Jan find four chairs reserved just for them.  During the remaining 5 minutes, Frank, Barbara, David, and Jan have a chance to talk and get to know one another better.  When the service begins, Pastor Scott encourages everyone to complete a Connect Card, so that Alsbury can thank them for taking their time to visit.

David and Jan appreciate the care and consideration they received on their visit to Alsbury, but the story doesn’t end there. On Tuesday they receive a handwritten note from Pastor Scott thanking them for their visit.  Later that week they are contacted by the Brownie Team, and arrangements are made to deliver brownies and answer any questions that have come up since Sunday.

As the 4th Sunday of the month nears, Frank and Barbara send an invitation to David and Jan to join them in the Upstairs Café after that 4th Sunday service for a brief time of connection with other members of the Connection Team and members of the Alsbury Staff.

How would you rate this experience for David, Jan, and the boys?  Alsbury Success!

Connection Team is Forming Now!

Alsbury’s First Impression Teams strive to remove obstacles typically encountered by Guests on their first visit.  Alsbury’s all new Connection Team will join the First Impressions Teams in September.

How you can be a part:

Are you a people person?  Do you enjoy making conversation?  Does your vision for Alsbury include connecting to persons entering our Community of Faith for the first time?   Does your S.H.A.P.E. include the spiritual gift of hospitality?  Could Alsbury’s all new Connection Team be your place of service?

To be a part of this group, you can fill out our online Connect Card or contact Brock DeWald (email).