A Message from the Next Pastor Search Group

A Message from the Next Pastor Search Group

To our dear brothers and sisters, the spiritual family of Alsbury Baptist Church:

We, the members of Alsbury’s Next Pastor Search Group, are excited to announce that after over a year of searching, discussing, and praying, we have reached oneness concerning the Lord’s leading as to who to present to the congregation. 

From the beginning of the process, we operated under the assumption that the Lord already knew who our next Senior Pastor would be. We understood our first task was to come together in unity, so that we could clearly sense the Holy Spirit’s direction. Our second task was to choose a chairperson.Morgan Bush took up that work, having received the most votes. Sarah Carlson volunteered to become our record keeper.

We held monthly regular meetings (live, mixed live and Zoom, and all Zoom), weekly Zoom prayer gatherings, two in-person interviews, one Zoom interview, and one special meeting. We established a Private Facebook group, and stayed in active communication with each other despite the complication of a global pandemic. 

Very early on in the process, we made the determination that we wanted this search to be a spiritual journey, rather than a corporate search process. For this reason, we chose not to advertise our need on a national level, or on any of the Internet resources available for such purposes. In our search for candidates, we reached out to the network missionaries of the surrounding Baptist associations, to contacts at Southwestern Seminary known to the members of our group, and to the congregation of Alsbury itself.

We received a total of five referrals, of which we had four resumes.

  • Three were referrals from the congregation.
  • One was from a personal connection to one of the Group members.
  • One came through word-of-mouth from a person who was at a wedding officiated by our own Scott Sharman.

Initial contacts with the congregational referrals were handled by the Group chair, Morgan Bush. 

  • One presented a resume and was interviewed twice.
  • One, who had been referred as a name only, declined upon being contacted by Morgan, and did not submit a resume.
  • A third, who had been referred to us through a resume submitted by a family member, declined upon initial contact by Morgan.
  • The applicant with the personal connection to one of the group members submitted a resume and was interviewed. After the interview, the Group made the determination not to pursue that candidate further.
  • The last resume received, that of the word-of-mouth connection, was reviewed by the Group. We sensed no leadership from the Lord to pursue that person further.
  • Both applicants declined were informed of the Group’s decision. 
The Lord’s leadership became evident early in the process

All along, one candidate stood out. This person was the first to submit a resume to the group and was the first to be interviewed. His desire to do the work, his skill, his humility, and his earnest spirit were all evident both times he came before us.

In the end, it was clear that he was the one to whom the Lord had led us. 

Therefore, it is with profound joy that we unanimously endorse and recommend John Mark Tittsworth to the congregation of Alsbury Baptist Church, to be considered for the position of our next Senior Pastor. Amen and amen!

Signed, the members of Alsbury Baptist Church Next Pastor Search Group:
Morgan Bush, Sarah Carlson, Shari Halterman, Cory Murray, Lorie Baird, Tom Kemner, Dillon Vaughn, Christy Beam, and Shawn Thomas.