How do you feel when the topic of your prayer habit comes up? If you are like many of us, you feel some guilt.

  • Maybe you believe that you don’t pray enough.
  • Maybe you believe that you should enjoy praying, but to you it feels more like work.
  • Maybe you feel bad that your praying focuses more on your personal circumstances than on bigger problems and opportunities in the world. 

Praying is hard, especially when we try to pray outside our skill level.

pray who you are

Talking with the Lord, whom we can’t see, pushes our faith a bit. Some of the guilt that injures our prayer habit might come from pretending we have prepared for high-demand praying like Jesus, Daniel, or George Mueller. If we tried to perform way beyond our skill level in our careers or in athletic training, we would fail and hurt ourselves. Our Father-who-sees-in-secret is ready for us to meet with him as we are, not as we aren’t.

Invest in your prayers

Praying for people without emotional ties to empower us is hard. Your heart might be bigger than mine, but I find it tough to want to pray for a friend’s cousin’s grandmother. I also find it tough to pray for missionaries who receive a paycheck from an agency that receives funds from a board, which in turn receives funds from a different board, to which our church sent a percentage of our total offering receipts. The math makes sense to me, but I don’t feel invested. It’s easier to pray for people when I hear their stories when their names are attached to the donations my family makes.

To prepare myself to pray, there are ways I can invest my emotions in those people (money, time together, serving those people, etc.). Do you know ways you can invest your emotions in the people for whom you pray?

Praying Together instead of alone

Praying consistently is difficult when we venture alone. My habit of praying alone and regular times praying with others fuel each one another. Frankly, praying in a group can be awkward because I take the opportunity to wonder what those people are thinking now. It’s hard to wonder about them and to be myself in God’s presence at the same time. It takes practice—praying with people I trust in smaller numbers and building up to the point that I can engage with God and others without pretending. We can improve our praying skills together. 

We have some upcoming opportunities, regularly-scheduled and special:
  • Life Groups – Alsbury is a church of Life Groups, and this is where our most intimate prayers take place. (Acts 2:42)
  • Sunday Morning (8:30 am, Rm. G101) – This is a time that we connect to pray for God’s glorious message to be received through Worship and discipleship. (2Thessalonians 3:5)
  • Wednesday Night  (6:30 pm, Rm. G202) – The focus of this hour is to engage in prayer as Scripture prompts for our community and one another. (1 Timothy 2:1)
  • 4th Thursday of the Month (7:00 pm – Youth Room) – Many decisions must take place for a church to bear fruit that aligns with God’s will. Prayer during this time focuses on a unified vision and spiritual wisdom for church leadership and ministry teams. (2 Thessalonians 1:11)

In partnering with the Southwest Metroplex Baptist Association, we also pray for a Spiritual awakening and revival in ourselves, our church, and all of Johnson County. Prayer guides will be provided via electronic communication for personal prayer time.Let all the world look to me for salvation! For I am God; there is no other.” Isaiah 45:22

  • G300 PRAYER GATHERING (1st Saturday of Each Month, Various Johnson County Church Locations) – With the goal of having 300 people joining together to pray, we are praying expectantly for God to do something amazing.
  • FAST AND PRAY (1st Friday of Every Month) – We will join with other churches in Johnson County for personal prayer and fasting. The focus will be on a revival and spiritual awakening within our local church and community.
  • PRAY24 (10th Day of Each Month) – Alsbury will participate in a day of prayer. You will have the opportunity to sign up for a specific hour within a 24 hour period to pray for a spiritual awakening in our church family.