Your Story Is Powerful

Your Story Is Powerful

There is power in your story.

We connect with others through story; the remembering of our journey through life. Our experiences are where other people identify with us. 

Your story is much more than simply where you were born or what you do for a living. Your story is about:

  • Where God found you
  • What God did in you
  • How he is continuing that transformation today

Story binds people together.

We relate to others through shared experiences, mutual challenges, and common dreams. 

Your story offers hope to others who struggle and helps them see that their past does not determine their future.

Your story is powerful.

When you share your story the Lord has the opportunity to begin in others what he has done in you.

  • As you write you story, begin with who you were before Jesus entered your life. As philosopher Blaise Pascal explained it, inside ever person is a God-shaped vacuum. Your story should describe the way Jesus filled that emptiness. 
  • Remember the details of your initial encounter with Jesus. Share how others were instrumental in sharing the gospel with you. 
  • Finally, be sure to include details of your ongoing experience with Jesus. Expressed in the present tense, share how God continues to transform your attitudes and actions. 

A guide to help you formulate your story can be found (here). Prayerfully reflect over your journey with Jesus and begin the process of developing your personal testimony to share with others.