We Need an Expanded Vision

We Need an Expanded Vision

  • It was Christmas.
  • I was thirteen.
  • I asked my parents for a rock.

Not just any rock, mind you, but a crystal geode on an oak display base. I showed them the photo from a rock collecting catalog. I made sure they knew exactly what I wanted.

I was fascinated by rocks and fossils. Along with my closest friend, Tom Lehman, I spent many, many hours digging for both in the Manzano Mountains east of Albuquerque.

As Christmas approached I hoped for a rock.

My dad was wise. He knew how much I would regret that short-sighted request. My sisters would be riding new bicycles. My brother would be hunting with a new shotgun. I would be in my bedroom looking at my rock.

So my dad bought me my first rifle: a .22 caliber, bolt-action beauty. That gift changed my life just as he knew it would. He knew I loved the outdoors. He knew I would much rather hike the foothills near our home than spend the day cooped up inside.

My love for the outdoors, the shooting sports, hunting trips, and everything connected to trips afield was birthed with that rifle. Over the years since I have treasured thousands of hours outdoors with my father, my brother, my son, and dozens of close friends.

When we pray, we can tell our Heavenly Father what we want, based upon our limited understanding. Or we can trust God and his unlimited understanding of what is best.

We need an expanded vision!

Ask God to teach us about his heart for the nations. Can we ask God to change us before asking him to change our situation? Can we ask him to mold our character before we ask him to alter our circumstances?

I do not want to settle for what I think is best for me. I want what God knows to be best.