Upcoming Events (Page 2)

Upcoming Events (Page 2)

Oct 10, 2020


SIGN UP FOR A TIME Alsbury will participate in PRAY24…a day of prayer. It is our goal to have our church covered in prayer for 24 hours! Please make room in your schedule to pray. If you are able to commit to one specific hour of prayer, fill out the form below.  Let’s join our prayers and pray for a spiritual awakening in our church family. PRAYER GUIDE FOR PRAY24 Read Mark 14:37-38 It can very tempting during our prayer…
Oct 22, 2020

4th Thursday Prayer Gathering

Purpose Although the building has been quiet, our people have not! We have seen an abundance of generosity in giving of our time and our money. God has proven Himself faithful, as have the people of Alsbury. Our food pantry has served many in the community, and our live stream has been reaching far beyond what in-person gatherings ever could. It is our goal to not go back to what was, but to move forward being stronger and more effective for the Kingdom. We…
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