The Peace Jesus Brings

The Peace Jesus Brings

My Peaceful Place

It’s quiet. The sun is coming up over the rolling hills. I’m alone with a cup of coffee. All I hear is the gentle wind making music through the wind chimes. The pressures and concerns of the day haven’t kicked in yet. Surrounded by cedars with hills in every direction, I can just be. When I think of peace, my mind takes me to that screened-in porch on Rock-N-Horse Farms in Festus, Missouri. When you think of peace, your mind may drift to gentle waves on the beach, a babbling mountain stream, or a crisp, still morning in a deer stand. You might just think of peace as an absence of war between nations.

The Peace Jesus offers

Peace is sometimes hard to recognize in our lives, but it was part of the praise the angels sang that night Jesus was born. In Luke 2:14, a group of shepherds were overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of a huge band of intimidating angels celebrating the glory of God and announcing the peace Jesus brought with him. This peace is more than quiet solitude. It’s more than a treaty between countries. The peace of Jesus reconciles us to God, heals our brokenness, and helps us endure whatever comes our way because God is with us. No wonder the Bible calls it the peace that surpasses our understanding.

As we approach the celebration of Jesus coming,
take moments to bask in the peace of God with us.