The Germans are Coming!

The Germans are Coming!

When Sean and I first started attending Alsbury, we kept hearing a phrase that brought more questions than answers.


  • What did this mean?
  • Should we be concerned?
  • Are they the good Germans?
  • I thought we handled the German problem decades ago?

What we discovered was a wonderful group of young adults led by a beautiful soul by the name of Mike Vlajnic. Their main objective or purpose was clear…love God and love others. It didn’t matter if they were doing light maintenance on a house, running a soccer camp for kids, or simply having a meal. It all came down to loving God and loving others.

Once I saw this in action, I began to understand the relationship Alsbury has carved out with City Church Andernach. It was more than friendship. It was, and continues to be, a partnership or a collaboration built on love and unified by the Father’s Spirit. Whether or not they are in Burleson or we are in Germany, we are moving towards one goal…making the name of Jesus famous.

Our collaboration with City Church set the stage for how we do missions at Alsbury.

At Alsbury, we use the word collaboration to identify our partnerships and missional opportunities. Everywhere we are involved as a church, we are coming alongside an existing church or organization to further the Kingdom of God.

This is our collaboration.

  • City Church Andernach, Germany
  • Casa Hogar Benito Juarez Reynosa, Mexico
  • Jody Kennedy Ministries in Nicuaraga
  • Haiti with Susan Dodson and Mission of Hope
  • True Faith Community and Southside City Church
  • FBC Nederland and Hurricane Harvey victims in Port Arthur, TX

…and in 2019

  • Eagles Nest in Guatemala

…and the list continues to grow

In the Coming Days…

You are going to hear and see the word Collaboration. A group from City Church Andernach will be coming to Alsbury to partner with us as we serve our community. You will have the opportunity to step into a new expression of faith by joining us in The Collaboration.

So buckle in, the Germans are Coming.


collaboration: /kəˌlabəˈrāSH(ə)n/
the action of working with another person or group to achieve something of significant worth.

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