Take a Stand

Take a Stand

Ephesians 6:10-19 issues a strong challenge for followers of Christ to properly prepare for the inevitable spiritual warfare approaching.

Are you prepared?

Paul, writing under the ever-present supervision of Roman soldiers, used the various elements of a soldier’ attire to illustrate how we best prepare for battle. The individual who fails to prepare for battle faces certain defeat at that enemy’s hand.

This Sunday, April 8, we will begin with the somber warning that our enemy is determined, relentless, and vicious. Our enemy is demonic, not human. Those unprepared to take a stand against that enemy will quickly be devoured.

Each subsequent Sunday through the end of the month will focus on individual elements of the spiritual armor we employ in the battle.

Read Ephesians 6

I encourage you to read the sixth chapter of Ephesians each week this month, focusing specifically on verses 10-19. Read from various translations. Read more often than weekly if possible.

The more determined we are to make a difference for Jesus within our culture the more determined our enemy is to destroy our witness and ministry.

I look forward to Sunday as we focus on the power available to us in Christ and the call to take our stand against the devil’s schemes.