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February 4th, 2014

You can download each week’s sermon notes for your digital device directly from YouVersion.          

Video Links…

October 5th, 2013

Videos and film shorts covering the life of Alsbury, various teaching series, interviews, stories, profiles, and other information related to our community.   This Is My Story – Steve & Carolyn Hanke from Shari Walker on Vimeo. This Is My Story – Norma Guthrie from Shari Walker on Vimeo. This Is My Story – Ray


September 5th, 2013

Complete Podcast listing of Alsbury sermon series, messages, and Bible studies from Alsbury.  Available free on iTunes.

RSS Sermons…
  • Overcoming a Minimal Effort Mindset May 7, 2017
  • Connecting through Authentic Love April 30, 2017
  • Our Vision for Connection April 23, 2017
  • The Goal of Connection April 9, 2017
  • Together We Are April 2, 2017