What If…

What If…

January 28th, 2015
Posted by: Shari Walker
Posted In: Scott Sharman
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  • Our bodies live in a world where we see, feel, and taste, however the spiritual realm is much different, the Word of God says we are to live by faith which stretches us. I think that is why the natural man is always testing the spiritual man. We say such things as seeing is believing, I won’t believe it unless I see it, show me and I’ll believe it, and on and on. Pastor Scott shared a great example that fits us to a tee.

    When Thomas told the 10, unless I touch ad see the Lord’s wounds I wont believe. Jesus was so gracious, He was in the room when Thomas spoke, He appeared, did not criticize Thomas, and told Thomas touch me and see. And then the next phrase from our Lord is beautiful, “Those who have not seen but believe are (Golden) my interpretation. That is you and I brothers and sisters.

    I congratulate you if you fall in the golden camp, believing and not seeing takes work on our part, but it can be done WHY? Because God’s spirit lives inside of us. Thanks for listening to one that is on this journey with you

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