Journey Together

Journey Together

March 25th, 2015
Posted by: Shari Walker
Posted In: Scott Sharman

  • I think you’ve hit upon the part of the equasion that closes many church doors. My only regret in the new ABC is the loss of knowing individual progress in the Lord. We may see a congratulations sign outside but we don’t connect a face with the experience. I think much of my Christian growth has come by experiencing the growth of others. The last church I attended went one year without a salvation in the services. I had 4 in the kids I was teaching so that went as the recorded amount for the church business meeting result. We left when we found out because salvation has to be the main focus of a church to me and I believe Alsbury does better than average in growing in the Lord. We are growing as a community but we need to be aware of the results. I love that you are so open to God’s leading. I believe God uses you in many ways you are not aware of. As a community we all need and want to need each other. Palm Sunday to me reflects unity and celebration. It is when we get a glimpse of who Christ is. It’s throwing our own valuables before Him in love. They’re not valuable by His worth but they’re heart felt contributions because we lve Him.

  • The believe the “Collaboration” of the last two weeks reinforces this concept. I felt such a closeness with not only our guests from several other countries, but also those members of our own community as we met together for praise and celebration of what God has done and is doing.

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