Isolation Leads to Criticism

Isolation Leads to Criticism

September 24th, 2015
Posted by: Shari Walker
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  • Each of us as God’s Kids after the Holy Spirit takes up residence in our life should be sensitive to what the Spirit speaks in our life, obedient to what God shows us in his Word, and pleasing to our Heavenly Father in all we act and do. In todays culture that is more and more voiding itself of biblical values, we find God’s Kids challenged by the culture of the day, not just in the good old USA, but the world abroad. Each day the news is full of stories of a Child of God choosing between His/Her God or the culture.
    What is even more unfortunate than the culture that buffets God’s Kids (God will deal with it in His Time) is that many churches not all, thank God, are conforming more to the culture (where we are to be salt and light) than God’s Word.
    So the 64 Thousand Question, what are we to do?

    1st. Pray that the church and it’s leadership will get back to God’s principles and leave Madison avenues behind. We all, as God’s kids need to pray for those churches. We all can name the cities, Huston, TX, Lake Forest, Ca, Willow Creek, Chicago, etc. Prayer is the greatest weapon we have to open eyes and hearts.

    2nd, As hard as this may be, if that church continues to stray more and more from God’s principles and adhere more and more to the things of the culture of our day, it may be time to leave. Only God will reveal that to each child.

    3rd. The 1st three chapters of Revelation of Jesus Christ, we find seven churches and only one that has kept God’s Word. God help those of our brothers and sisters to find and stay in churches that stand on God’s Word.

    Lastly my heart grieves for the body of Christ, I have seen, being in and out of ministry some 30 years,by the straying of so many churches to find the fad of the day to keep people in the pews and seats. God help us to be a bride adorned with excitement, as we wait our Lords return not one that is sad because we are discouraged by those we fellowship with. Thanks for Listening

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