Hope In the Face of Depression

Hope In the Face of Depression

August 13th, 2014
Posted by: Shari Walker
Posted In: Scott Sharman
3 Responses to "Hope In the Face of Depression"
  • Thank you so much for sharing as I struggle with depression also. There are some days that I feel that I understand why people commit suicide. The news of Robin Williams hit me hard and I am not sure exactly why. But thank you so much for sharing.

  • Thank you, Scott, for your honest and hopeful response to the death of Robin Williams. I share some of your struggle with depression, as you may remember. As your article states, we must move toward each other and claim our ground against the lies of the evil one. I am so thankful that you encourage us to come alongside and be there genuinely for each other.

    I am especially thankful for my wife and family as they have walked through recent months with me. The devil did try to destroy me, but the Lord intervened in marvelous ways.

    I am continuing to take an antidepressant. I am also now taking allergy shots that may reduce the migraines.

    I now consider you as a part of my extended family, standing alongside each other as the grace of God enables and guides us.

    Thank you for being an instrument of that grace.


  • Depression for me comes in the form of a wave of sadness that fully knocks me off my feet. It takes my breath away. It threatens to take my life. I have had to deal with this more than one time. I have many friends that have said they would be by my side in a heartbeat. When i hit that bottom, there not a person my mind wants to turn to even Jesus. The evil powers crushing my life is very strong at times. I have been saved by family and friends and the grace if God and i pray he will be not if but when i must battle it again. Medications are good but is a crap shoot trying to fix what is very difficult to diagnoses. We need more research. More health coverage for treatment options. The stigma is strong and so it mostly stays a hidden disease. Thank you for this put there do we can share also! I lost a sister to this. No more please

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