Fueled and Aflame

Fueled and Aflame

October 14th, 2015
Posted by: Shari Walker
Posted In: Scott Sharman

  • Great Posting Pastor Scott and thanks for challenging us. If we look at the Book of Acts, we something happening that never happened until after the 2nd chapter and until the Holy Sprit began to stir the lives and hearts of our brothers and sisters. From Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and beyond something very unique happened, and is still happening today, if we let it. There was a zeal for Prayer, the Word of God and Fellowship.
    Historians continually are trying to figure out, what made these people (Christians) so unique, that they not only developed a heavenly bond but were able stand strong to the persecution of Cesar’s of their day. May we as God’s family here at Alsbury covet what Dr. Luke wrote to us. Thanks for Listening

  • Thanks Scott for reminding me that church is the family I am a member of and not just a place I go for instruction, fellowship, worship. When I text my son to see how his week has been, that’s church. Washing an ill friend’s hair for her because she can’t, that’s church. I have to admit, too often I find myself concerned more about how well I am performing rather than my relationship with Christ and those in my circle of influence. I desire to just be totally in love with my Lord. That’s all.

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