Same Message…Different Method

Same Message…Different Method

April 15th, 2015
Posted by: alsbury
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  • This is a great posting from Pastor Scott, we know that from the affirmation that the Apostle Paul gives us in Chapter 11 of the Act’s letter, concerning this subject. In Antioch, God was moving a new and special way amongst the gentile believers, the same worship of Jesus as the mother church in Jerusalem, but just a tad differently because these brothers and sisters were gentiles not Jews, in fact God loved what was happening in Antioch, that the label of Christian was now attached to the Jews and gentiles.

    I came out of a ministry where God was doing a work amongst young people that were called hippies and was giving main line churches in 60’s and 70’s fits, because of their sandals and long hair, but once the senior saints saw the work that God was doing in getting these kids off of drugs and even opening doors for them to be pastors, there was praise all around Southern California and beyond for what God was doing.

    Lets not put God in a box, but praise him because just maybe he is trying a new work and letting us be part of it. Thanks again Scott for reminding us of this.

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