Put On Your Shoes!

Put On Your Shoes!

Have you ever heard news so good that you could not contain yourself?  This is news so great that it immediately elicits a response of jubilance, dancing, elation, exclamation.  I watched my daughter receive that kind of news this week.

the mind of a first grader

In the mind of a first grader there is no better day of school than a field trip.  Something about the bus ride, sack lunches, uniformed t-shirts, stressed parents and eagle-eyed teachers makes a first grader stand and fist pump in triumph and excitement.  Yet, there is something that rivals the amazingness of a field trip.  This other event is a school program.  All of the first grade class singing their hearts out, shimmying and shaking adorned with pink paper pig hats to the melodic brilliance of the Three Little Pig Opera.  The anticipation of the performance, building over a few months of auditions, rehearsals and costume making, was tangible.  She could taste it, smell it.  Bethany was ready to play the part of “mama pig” as though she was the only one ever before or would be.  Who do elementary school musicals draw in of course?  Parents, yes.  But most important of all, Grandparents.  From far and wide they come.  Bethany had no shortage of the adoring-eyed, always encouraging, sure to spoil flock guaranteed to be in attendance that night.

The Perfect Storm

Monday morning, my wife entered our daughter’s room to get her ready for the day.  Not just any day, but THAT day.  Bethany was leaving for a field trip, would return that night for her musical and would be greeted by a slew of relatives freshly arrived in town for the performance.  To set the scene, my daughter is one of the grumpiest human beings on planet Earth for the first few minutes of being woken up.  Often she just burrows under her pillow and grunts incoherently at the instruction we give her.  So my wife began the regular Monday routine, but this time she had an ace (or 2 or 3) up her sleeve.

“Bethany it’s time to wake up.”

Groans from under the blankets.

“Bethany do you know what day it is?”

More groaning and now the tone has turned to irritation.

“Bethany, it’s Monday!”  And then the big news.  “April 16th”

Without warning or even a way to comprehend the speed in which Bethany changed posture, demeanor and volume, my daughter launched to a full standing position.  She exclaimed, “Yeah! It’s Fieldtripa-threepiggyo-grandparents’llbehere-day!”  (yes, thats a word, I heard it)

Visibly vibrating with anticipation and excitement, she bolted to her clothes, breakfast and off to school.

Ephesians 6:15 says:

and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

What is good news?

Paul shows us a picture of how the “good news” of the Gospel should bring anticipation and excitement in all of us.  As we are shown how to put on the Armor of God, he chooses to figuratively speak of the Gospel as wearing shoes.  Why do we put on shoes?  Well, the short answer is because we are getting ready to go.  That’s what the news of Jesus’s sacrifice for our sins, payment of our penalty, should do for us.  It should cause us such great excitement to share that news with a world that desperately needs to hear it.  As you continue to reflect on Ephesians 6 and the Armor of God, let us remember that life-changing, world transforming, news is in our hearts and on our lips.  Prepare each day to shod your feet with the Gospel.  Ask God to use you as His hands and feet.  Maybe when you grab your car keys and look to head to work, school or the grocery store, you might do a fist pump in excitement and yell, “It’s ShareTheGoodNewsOfJesusMySaviorDay!”  (Trust me, it’s a word)

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