Moving Forward, Together

Moving Forward, Together

Our Number one job

We are commissioned by Jesus to make disciples of all nations. Our primary task, or job number one, is to take the gospel into the entire world. What a daunting task!

When we consider our assignment to reach the world we obviously feel overwhelmed. How could we possibly fulfill this monumental taskl? I think of the old adage:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

We reach people locally through the many aspects of our overall ministry. Our next major local effort is our Easter Eggstreme on March 31, an event that will build connection with people throughout our community.

We reach people globally through a collaborated effort with partners all over the world. We support ministry and missions through our support of the Cooperative Program. A portion of every dollar given to our church budget is forwarded in support of work in Texas, North America, and the world.

Partners in Ministry

We also have specific partners that we support and serve alongside all over the world. One of our primary partners is the congregation of City Church in Andernach, Germany. A team of German brothers and sisters arrive this week for a full two weeks of ministry.

God united the hearts of Alsbury and City Church several years ago when Darrel Auvenshine and I served on a training event in Andernach. A special relationship with Mike Vlajnic and the people of City Church was birthed that week. Since then we have regularly sent teams to Germany and they have sent their own teams to Burleson.

I strongly encourage you to connect with the Germans who will serve with our church over the next the weeks. You, too, will discover the unique nature of this partnership.

The Collaboration, this shared ministry both here and there, has grown to become a primary means by which we actively strive to fulfill our commission. It has grown to include ministry in Africa, throughout Europe, and in North America.

I steadfastly believe that our collaborated effort with this wonderful congregation of Christ-followers will only grow in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

  • Pray for our friends as they arrive and adjust to new surroundings in Burleson.
  • Pray for effective ministry throughout Easter weekend and through sports camps in our community.
  • Pray for the team that will return to Casa Hogar Benito Juarez in Reynosa, Mexico, another of our primary partners in reaching the world.
  • Pray for your own engagement through The Collaboration. Set aside blocks of time for you and your family to participate in the many aspects of this concentrated effort.
The Kingdom will grow through your involvement in The Collaboration.