Unplugged…Live and Personal

Unplugged…Live and Personal

July 2nd, 2015
Posted by: Shari Walker
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  • I have often asked the Father why do you require so much more of me than you do of my neighbor who does not know you. Sometimes I think that just is not fair. We both live in the same town, shop at the same venues, work at the same place, our kids go to the same school and so on. But then I stop and think You’re requirement makes perfect sense


    What does it mean to represent someone, Webster says this: “A person chosen to act and speak for another”
    I often forget, that not only am I God’s representative in this world, but I am also, as the New Testament says, His Light, and boy how many times do I forget to let that light shine.

    Our representation and light baring is two fold:
    1. Always love not just one another, but show the love of Christ to my neighbor.
    2. Pointing out the darkness with the light of Christ and leave the judging to Him.

    Yes church we have a great responsibility, but with the work of the Spirit in our life we can do it.
    Thanks for Listening

  • Very well said. As I stumble and look for direction, I have often wondered the same thing. Thanks for sharing.

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