Make Room for the Outsider

Make Room for the Outsider

Going from Unsure to Belonging

A few weeks ago, a little girl tentatively walked into the LAB. She held onto her mom, unsure she wanted to let her leave. In an effort to help her feel more comfortable, I introduced her to an older girl named Mady. By the end of the hour, I overheard that same shy little girl ask Mady if they could be friends. The response was an enthusiastic Sure!” It was that easy. They had spent an hour together and a friendship was formed. Both kids smiled and got to know each other better as they shared a snack in the café.

It could have been so different. Mady probably didn’t come to church thinking she was going to make a new friend that day. She could have easily focused on the friends she already had and ignored the “visitor.” That visitor would have been marginalized and we may have never seen her family again. Instead, Mady made room for a person who needed to be included.

By being friendly, she made a difference in another girl’s experience.

If a Child can do it…

At our Trunk or Treat Block Party, you can begin a friendship like Mady did. There are people who will be walking through our doors simply because they want to avoid the rain outside. They may be a little uneasy walking into a church, but their kids REALLY want to go Trick or Treating.
  • You can be the person who makes them more comfortable.
  • Your friendliness might just make them visit Alsbury again.
  • They will remember your face and a friendship could blossom.
  • You could be their first introduction to a relationship with Jesus
 You have a chance to make an eternal difference in a person’s life simply by being his or her friend. The seeds of friendship could look an awful lot like pumpkin seeds tonight.