Make It Personal

Make It Personal

Our Vacation Bible Spectacular (VBS) begins this Sunday evening.

VBS is one of a half-dozen events given absolute top priority in our church. For five days everything else is pushed to a back burner. Said another way, VBS is the one thing we do this coming week, and by doing so move a few steps forward in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Hundreds of Children will Need Hundreds of Adults

Each year we host hundreds of children from throughout the community. It would become mass chaos except for the fact that hundreds of people commit their time and talents in serving.

  • Many of those children are our own and receive love and instruction week after week.
  • Others, however, will quite possibly hear the message of Jesus and his grace for the very first time.

Alsbury’s VBS is open to any child. All are welcomed, cherished, and guided through lessons, activities, and worship times by compassionate and caring adults and youth. All who serve make a significant Kingdom impact upon children and their families.

I met Jesus because next-door neighbors answered the call to identify “one thing” they could do to make fulfillment of the Great Commission possible. As a result they accepted the responsibility of sharing Christ with me. I’m confident there were other Christians on my block, but none sowed into my life, sharing Jesus with me as they did.

Make it Personal

  • Who can you invite to VBS this year?
  • What family in your sphere of influence should you encourage to bring their children?
  • Who will you minister to this week?
  • Who might you introduce to the grace and goodness of Jesus for the very first time?

Gene and Brenda Longley have numerous places of service still to fill. Clink on the link and register to serve: Choose to Serve