Let’s Take Our Next Steps Together

Let’s Take Our Next Steps Together

beginning this Sunday, September 9.

For three weeks we will focus on Next Steps in worship services and Life Groups. We will strive to understand and embrace what church membership involves.

ConnectBecome, and Engage.

Alsbury church membership helps us all to connect with God and one another, to become fully-devoted followers of Christ, and to engage our neighbors across the street or around the world with the gospel.

The goal is to ensure that our entire church family is united in our understanding of what church membership is all about. 

Beginning in October, Next Steps will be offered the first three weeks of every month for all new and prospective members.

Next Steps concludes on Sunday, September 23 with the first monthly Connection Opportunity in our upstairs cafe. All interested in Alsbury membership will gather for refreshments, conversation, and connection immediately following late worship.

Say Yes

The last Sunday of September is a “One Family: One Service” Sunday and the opportunity to Say ‘Yes’” to a place of service within the Alsbury ministry. Places of service in every area of our church life will be available to be filled.

We can all find a place of meaningful service on Sunday, September 30!

September promises to have a powerful impact upon our ministry now and our ministry for the foreseeable future. Please pray and participate!