Lead By Serving

Lead By Serving

Alsbury has four standing committees tasked with leading our church through 2019. Each is instrumental to the overall effectiveness of our church. Committee members serve the church by fulfilling assigned tasks.

A quartet of Committees

Our Budget and Finance Committee develops an annual budget, distributes funds as approved by the church, and protects the church from fiscal difficulty. 

Our Personnel Committee supervises our ministerial staff and makes recommendations to the Budget and Finance Committee regarding compensation. 

Our Missions Committee guides the church in reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus and oversees financial support of our partners in this work. 

Our Property and Grounds Committee oversees the use and maintenance of our facilities and coordinates upkeep and necessary repairs of those facilities. 

Where do you fit in?

There is room for anyone willing to serve through our committee structure in 2019. Members serve a one-year term and are able to serve additional terms if interested. All committee members will attend a training session at 12:00 on Sunday, February 3, in our upstairs Conversation Cafe.

If you are interested in serving or need more information about a committee please email me at scott.sharman@att.net or text or call 817-917-7130. 

Your service will prove to be of great value as we strive to fulfill the call of Christ in 2019. Thank you for prayerfully considering a place of service. 

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