Impact the World for the Cause of Christ!

Impact the World for the Cause of Christ!

What is a celebrity?

Gisele Bündchen is the wife of New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. The Brazilian supermodel and the NFL superstar have been married for nine years and have two children.
Gisele was asked by her son what a “celebrity” is. Apparently he heard the word used in a description of his parents. Gisele answered, “A celebrity is just someone whose job is very visible. It doesn’t mean their job is more important.”
What a healthy answer!
Many said “Yes!” to places of meaningful ministry last Sunday. Each particular place of service, though possibly not be as visible as another, is extremely important! What you do within the ministry of Alsbury pays huge dividends for the Kingdom of God.

Are you still praying about where to serve?
The “Say ‘Yes!’” board will remain on display.
Select a place to serve from the many options this Sunday.

Say Yes Online

We are in the beginning stages of a Say Yes Opportunity Page. It an be found on our website under the “volunteer” tab. If there is something you want to “Say Yes” too, simply click “sign up today” button and fill out the form.

Again, the impact or value of any place of service is huge. Thank you for your willingness and desire to impact the world for the cause of Christ!