It’s Friday, But Sunday Is Coming

It’s Friday, But Sunday Is Coming

Why is this Friday called, “Good Friday?”

Because it was the day Jesus died.

One could ask, “How is an innocent man’s death through arguably the most sadistic means ever devised by man a ‘good’ thing?”

  • Because that Friday afternoon made salvation possible and reconciliation with our creator a reality.
  • The death of Jesus restores hope for the hopeless and joy to the grieving.
  • The blood that flowed down Calvary’s Tree brings forgiveness to sinners like you and me.
Yes, indeed, it was a very good Friday.

The following Sunday, in the still-dark hours of early morning, the Spirit of the living God breathed into the body of the crucified Savior. Our gracious redeemer, now alive and victorious, forever conquered both sin and death.

  • Sin has lost its grip on us. Death has no hold on us.
  • Sin and death are not our final enemies, but the final victims of the conquering Jesus!

From Fear to Hope

Easter Sunday’s resurrection is God’s eternal affirmation of Friday’s crucifixion. The God who declared, “It is good,” over creation, pronounces the same over the death of Jesus.

His followers, crippled by grief on Friday afternoon, were enveloped by hope on Sunday morning. May the same be said about us this Easter weekend.

  • Friday evening we will gather for a stark reminder that Jesus died for our sins. He went to the cross for sinners of every generation, including our own.
  • Sunday morning we will return, joining the generations of Christ-followers in declaring:
“He is not here! Our Jesus is victorious over sin and the grave!”