Fresh Vision and Bright Future

Fresh Vision and Bright Future

The Lord is preparing us for our greatest days of shared ministry. Our future is bright with promise. Thank you for joining me in praying daily for our church.

Scott Sharman

Preparing for a New Day

I recently announced my intention to step down as Alsbury’s Senior Pastor in January 2023. I believe the time for new leadership and a fresh vision is approaching. My hope is that Alsbury’s second Senior Pastor will be identified before the end of 2020, allowing the two of us to serve side-by-side for two full years. 

We have all seen churches change dramatically, and not always for the better, when pastoral leadership changes. My hope, and that of many key leaders in our church, is that the uniqueness of Alsbury will be protected by a prolonged season of shared leadership. 

A Pastor Search Committee should be in place before the end of this year. Suggestions of potential committee members are being received from Life Group Leaders and committee chairpersons. Would you ask the Lord to help us put together a strong and committed search committee?

This committee will spend the first six months of 2020 praying together and being trained for the monumental task before them. Would you begin praying now for the unity of our committee?

The committee will work to identify our next Senior Pastor in the second half of 2020. Would you begin praying now for this search process?

Prayer is the Key

I love our church. I am proud of everything we have accomplished for Christ over the last twenty-five years. I am absolutely convinced, however, that our greatest days of shared ministry have yet to be lived. Would you join me in asking the Lord to lead our church into years of impactful ministry?

We must ask the Lord to guard our church through every step of this transition.

  • Monthly all-church prayer events are being scheduled and planned.
  • I hope you and your family will also pray together each and every day.
  • Each and every Life Group should set aside significant time each week to pray together. 
Our future depends upon it.