Finding purpose among Crazy games and corn dogs

Finding purpose among Crazy games and corn dogs

Last week I was reminded of how beautiful (and loud) it can be when God’s people work together to share his love with others.

Love God/Love Others

At Kidz-n-Play, over 100 kids spent part of their Spring Break playing crazy games, singing and dancing in worship, eating kid-friendly lunches, and being loved on by Americans and Europeans. People of all stages of life came together to meet a real need for families and build relationships with kids who might never walk through our doors on a typical Sunday. Together we shared the importance of finding the purpose of our lives… to love God and love others.

Organized chaos

It may have looked like organized chaos from the outside, and sometimes using the word “organized” might have seemed generous. But on the inside, I saw kids I’d never met before hugging our leaders, building friendships with our students, and asking their parents to come back to Alsbury. Every silly dance, every dodgeball that hit us, and every corn dog we served opened doors to impacting families with the love of Jesus.

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate this year.

Whether you joined us last week or not, look forward to joining us for Kidz-n-Play next year. Whether you can serve one day or the whole week, you’ll be part of fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives.