Expecting God to Work

Expecting God to Work

“Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”.

Deuteronomy 8:3 and Matthew 4:4

A Hunger For God

What do we hunger for in our daily lives?
Do we find fulfillment by carving out time for our relationship with the Lord, or do we crave things that leave us empty and dissatisfied?

God makes it clear throughout the Bible that He uses and responds to those who humbly seek Him and desire His presence, guidance, provision and protection. There are numerous examples of His supernatural Power and wondrous revelations resulting from the fasting prayers of faithful men and women who sought His will.

Pastor Scott has recently challenged our church to become a praying church. He’s called us to change the way we pray in our meetings, our corporate gatherings, our family time and our alone time with God, developing bold and Kingdom focused prayers as we transition into a new season of ministry.

We have also learned the spiritual habits that promote Spiritual growth and Christlike behavior.

In recognition of our need for God here at Alsbury, we encourage you to join us in a four – day fast to grow our faith in God individually and corporately, and to enhance our continuous prayers. A Hunger for God will begin this Sunday, September 29 and end with the Lord’s Supper as we gather together for reflection and prayer on Wednesday, October 2.

What does a fast Really mean?

Fasting may sound a little scary, and even impossible for some. However, a fast does not necessarily mean that you must give up food. We all have activities that we rely on to fill our time and soothe our souls. We are simply encouraging you to clear away a few distractions, replacing that time with prayer and reflection, to make room for God to work. In the words of David Mathis, “fasting is not about what we go without, but it’s about Who we want more of.”

As with any change of routine, preparations must be considered. Take some time before Sunday to make your commitment and arrange your schedule accordingly. Doing this ahead of time will help you start the fast without added stress.

  • Pray about what kind of fast you should undertake. Will it be food? Will it be giving up Social Media or TV? Will it be giving up sleep by getting up earlier to embark in prayer?
  • Pray about how much time you would like to spend with God, studying, reflecting and praying, and ask for His provision and protection of that time.
  • If you have chosen a food fast, prepare yourself physically. Preparing your mind and your body is imperative to keeping your full attention on God.
  • Ask God what He wants you to consider during the fast. We will provide prayer guides in the Sunday bulletin, as well as daily email posts, but each of us individually have specific callings on our lives that God wants us to fulfill.   

The Outcome

Our hope is that you will experience joy and power in unexpected and new ways and that your hunger for God increases as you find peace and comfort in His presence throughout your time of denial. May we expectantly seek God’s heart in prayer, in faith, and in trust! We look forward to hearing testimonies of what He has done through each of you and seeing His marvelous wonders unfold at Alsbury! 

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