Excellence for God’s Glory

Excellence for God’s Glory

“Work at everything you do with all your heart. Work as if you were working for the Lord, not for human masters.” – Colossians 3:23

An Example

When I consider all that Alsbury does with excellence, Night to Shine undoubtedly tops the list. Again this year, Night to Shine was a spectacular success. As a testament to that, both the number of honored guests attending and the number of volunteers serving them far eclipsed any previous year’s totals.

The Lord used everyone involved in significant ministry to hundreds of families.

Whether it’s an E3 Conference, Easter Eggstreme, Vacation Bible School, crawfish boil, GroupLink, or Night to Shine, Alsbury hosts major events with excellence. We come together to rally around a vision, sacrifice our time, energy, and resources, and pull off truly wonderful days of ministry together.

The Challenge

Even though we pull off these big events with excellence, our challenge is to do everything with the same commitment to excellence for the glory of God. Our ongoing, day-to-day ministry is worthy of a church-wide embracing of the vision, a single-minded attention to detail, and the sacrifice of our time, energy, and resources.

Whatever your place of service, I hope you will accept nothing less than total commitment from yourself and those you serve alongside – not for your own glory but for the glory of God.

We are in the business of connecting with others, becoming fully devoted followers of Christ together, and engaging our neighbors – whether across the street or around the globe – with the gospel of Christ. That is our day-to-day ministry. Let’s do it with the same personal commitment and investment that we make in events like Night to Shine.